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"I have an impulse to make art, I cultivate instinct and nurture the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind and employ them to invent and transcend the mundane."

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I have an impulse to make art, I cultivate the interplay between the conscious and unconscious mind and employ them to invent and transcend the mundane. For me the practice of art is a rebellion against apathy, I use it to subvert the predictive nature of my thoughts and explore the relationship between instinct and ideas of purity. 

I invent worlds and individuals that find themselves in diverse situations amongst themes of individuality, resilience and marginal relationships and the friction between ideals and feelings of incompatibility with the status quo. Presented in a range of mediums including, painting, moving image, poetry film, music, ink drawing, mixed media installations, projections, paste ups, street art murals and published writing. 

Writing is a foundation of my work and is a very visual experience resulting in vivid imagery which easily translates to my visual and moving image work, giving my writing life beyond the page.


For more than a decade I have conceived and delivered an array of video art, painting, urban projections, street art murals, installations and composed spontaneous poems for the public on my typewriter for Local Government, Arts organisations, festivals and solo exhibitions. I have also published a book of poems and featured in numerous journals.

I am always seeking to discover new ways to apply my experimental ethos to engage audiences and push the boundaries of my art. I have successfully produced a number of innovative projection installations that respond to place and illuminate and transform environments into captivating visual canvases and poetic soundscapes.

Most recently, I produced a solo exhibition at Newmarch Gallery consisting of paintings, illustrations and projections and delivered a workshop, ‘Dictation of Thought: Writing for the Surreal’ and a Surrealist Sunday’s event at AGSA in response to the exhibition ‘Dušan and Voitre Marek: Surrealists at sea’. 

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Solo Exhibitions

2021 Backbone, Newmarch Gallery, Adelaide

2020 Outside Light,  Mixed Creative, Adelaide

2019 Outside Light,  Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide

2018 Outside Light,  Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide

2018 Square Eyes, Gallery M, Adelaide

2018 Shiver, City of Adelaide Street Projection, Adelaide

2017 Street Poetry, La Lorientaise, Adelaide

2017 Street Poetry Illuminations, City of Adelaide, Adelaide

2016 Street Art and Poetry, Holden Street Theatre, Adelaide

2016 Street Art Poetry Mural, Soldiers Memorial Gardens, Adelaide

2015 Object Words, Entropy, Adelaide

2015 Street Art Poetry Project, City of Adelaide, Adelaide

2012 The Individual, SALA, Adelaide


Selected Group Exhibitions

2023 Beauties and Beasts, The Main Gallery, Adelaide

2022 Art Works,  Adelaide Town Hall,  Adelaide

2021 11th Prospect Portrait Prize, Newmarch Gallery, Adelaide

2020 Submerge, PraxisARTSPACE, Adelaide

2018 Luminosity, ANAT, Adelaide

2016 The Animal & The Man, SALA in the Square, Adelaide

2014 Subtext, SA Writers Centre - Adelaide Fringe Festival,

2009 Format+2%=Big!, Format, Adelaide

2009 Moment Versus Momentum Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2007 INTENT, Queens Theatre, Adelaide



2021 Finalist, 11th Prospect Portrait Prize, Adelaide

2020 Finalist Hombres Videopoetry Award, Italy

2020 Finalist, Newlyn PZ International Film Festival UK

2019 Finalist, Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film competition, UK


Presented Workshops & Artist Talks

2021 Dictation of thought - Writing for the surreal, AGSA, Adelaide

2021 Backbone - In conversation, Newmarch Gallery, Adelaide



2018 Rattle, ANAT - Luminosity Commission, Adelaide

2014 Poet-in-Residence, SWSA, Adelaide


Poetry Film Festivals

2021 The Wrong with InAbsentia, Italy

2021 Festival Fotogenia Vol:3, Mexico

2021 10th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens

2021 REELpoetry/Houston TX, U.S.A.

2020 Midwest Video Poetry Fest, USA

2020 ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Germany

2020 Hombres Videopoetry Award 2020, Italy

2020 Newlyn PZ Film Festival, UK

2020 International Short Film Festival Music & Fashion VII Edition, France

2020 The Reel Poetry/Houston TX, USA

2019 Festival Fotogenia Vol:2, Mexico

2019 The Wrong, Italy

2019 The Lift-Off Sessions, UK

2019 All Together Now: A Celebration of Art, Film & Music!, USA 

2019 Poetry + Video, Australia

2029 Newlyn PZ International Film Festival, UK



2008 How Do You Want The Fire To Leave You?



2017 Red Fez
2017 ‘This World Turns Tightly’

2017 Rochford Street Review
2016 The Mind[less] Muse
2016 UniLife Magazine
2013 Rabbit Journal
2010 Australian Reader

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